Energetic Gong & Sound – Frequency Healing is a way to reach into the subconscious memories, that might keep restrictions in our way of living.
By using these vibrational tools, in addition to other healing techniques I use, a releasing effect on body and mind may occur.
The four instruments I do have now is:
Siddharta, is a handmade singing-bowl made in a monastery in Tibet, around 1930.
Mjølnir, the first made Energetic Gong in the Bifrost series, handmade in Germany by Martin Bläse.
No Name Yet, a singing-bowl from a small monastery in Upper Mustang, the last kingdom of Nepal.
No Name Yet, a drum made in Hungary

To receive a healing with this combination of Reiki IIIa, Deeksha, Energy stripping and Energetic Sound healing, please write to ijh(a)energeticrelease.com, with your wishes and intention for a Vibrational healing.
I then connect energetically, and make a personal healing that is recorded and sent to you by E-mail.
It is also possible to receive it as a video recording, shared via Dropbox.

NOK 1000 / EUR 100 / USD 125 for a 15-20 minute Audio recorded Sound healing
Video recorded Sound healings are available.
Payment is preferred via the Energetic Release/Inge Joar Holsen’s Paypal.Me account


In addition a short message will follow, if there is any messages coming through from the Source, during the healing.

Feedback so far is about better sleep patterns, and a feeling of deep releasing experiences in the body, all the way to the inner core.