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The beauty of Listening.

The beauty of just listening and watching all the small «wonders» of this World. Too see the pleasure of plain joy and abundance for even the «meaningless» bug. Even though it has a short life it's purpose of joy and play is nothing less than what it should be for us humans. OK we're trained to prepare for the end and slowly die towards the definite end of our life, but many of us forget to participate in the joy and dance of life. To be curious about how and why our surroundings are like they are. The shape of the trees, the song of the birds, the dance of the butterflies, the life in everything. The scars in the nature, still it continues to live. Misshape according to beauty. Even dead trees stand with pride, surrounded by fully nature. The beauty of misshaped with full the full glory, independent of the rough environment they lived in.

Healing by being

By just simply being aware of the Universe existence in this moment, we can heal each other and release blockages. By giving to each other from the infinite source of energy available to all of us, we will grow into a more fulfilled life in joy and happiness. The simple art of cleaning the fog in our minds is available. ….

Fight it or live

When the thoughts are coming like a big garbage trucks loaded over the rim with torns and smelly old rotten flowers, we do have choices.
We can try to outrun it and jump quickly around the corner and hide, so the thought truck will miss us.
Another of my favorite options is to take the fight and battle.
Let the torns rupture my skin so the blood can flow, soak in the smell of old memories and take a long bath in it. And when we lye scattered and overrun behind the thought truck, just waiting for this repeating behavious to come again, we might consider that we have another choice.
The try to hit me option.
Stand upright in the center of the road, and give the thought no attention or fear of a big hit. What we gain then in nothing but deep peace and confidence, in an infinite still area of our awareness.
Try it when the next road train with thought are coming.
See the dance.