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inge joar holsen


What if I could fix and repair all my concerns in this moment. How to do it is written and told in many stories around the world. And it is being thought by many masters throughout all of our times on this planet. So to make it easy, the masters told us to do it easy. Some of us know this and do it, even if it is not that easy for our mind to remember to continue to keep it easy.

By listening to our master minds, we learn early in life how to complicate and hide what we already know. The major master mids around us, tell us way to often that the solution to a happy and fulfilled life destiny, is to adopt to a common way of living, as our outside tells us.

Eat perfect mind manipulated food, drink perfect mind treated fluids, topped up with various addictive remedies to help us.

The range of help to preserve our minds to benefit the master minds is huge. By adding various extracted and manipulated little things in our water, food, air and bodies, we may be easier to handle for the few master minds.


What if we all at least pretend for a while to stop listening to our own and others chatter about how life and behavior should be. Quite some other way of living life and also quite some others values in life may appear. When we stop in this moment and let the real value shine through, most likely a good old way of appreciating life will be able to come forth. Our memories of the unbounded life we had before we was told we could not live like that, may return.

When we get used to returning back to the flavor of this moment, our life experiences will expand.


What if what you are about to read is all you ever need have to know about healing your self and others is true.

Maybe the shortcut to a fuller life is closer than anyone could imagine. The clue is not ot read a library or two to understand this, but actually apply it to life. And the to apply it to our live is in this moment, and this moment only.

We can't do it yesterday, and not tomorrow, so what is left is today, and even more precise, right now!

By keeping some of our focus right now, at the tip of our nose That action may release all pain and trouble we have managed to gain through our lives.

Give it a try, and if it feels OK, try it again and again.


What if we can enjoy our current place of being, no matter where it is. By skipping any judgments and predefined comments about where we are, and who we are surrounded by, we most likely will just simply enjoy the place and people.

We may meet what we judge as good or bad people around the next corner, but we never know. So if we leave the expectations of what we may meet next moment, and just lean back into what we are able to observe in this moment, all the time. And those time we actually meet negativity in the same moment we observe it, we have a choice to grab it or not. It's no valid reason to let anyone disturb our inner peace.

Have some awareness on the tip of your nose, and smile if it is polite enough. Our game of life then most likely will be way more easy.


What if our action in life is the ultimate way of living for us. When we stop comparing our current way of living to how others live their lives, it is way easier to gain inner peace. And when we stay in inner peace, it will be easier to see other options for living an even better life, if we like to do so.

The various options to seek into our heart and rest in that wisdom is many. What works best for each one of us, may be different, but the more direct, uncolored and unguided it is, the better. If we make our self dependent on the outside, to get inner peace, we will not find it.

Listening to others, learn from others, discuss with others, is clever, but the tour inward can only be done by us self. Whatever we find and discover within our magical heart, is for us to use for our highest best. And that gift is available to all those who want to do it, and it can only be done now !


What if all that we perceive is already programmed and agreed upon, before we enter into this life. It may be easier to accept the lessons learned and experienced in this life, if we see it as clearing out old behaviors we may have done to others we meet on this journey. So when we have experienced some thing once or twice, it is about time to say OK and get going, to seek for the pleasures in life. Go and chase the various dreams and purpose that may pop up from our heart.

The main purpose I our life should be to remember, and live with the knowing of who we actually are. This can be done in one, many or different ways, but the easier and gentler we do it, the bigger is the possibilites that the golden doors will open up for us.



What if we look beyond our skin, mind and cultural training. What will then possible show up. Maybe then our pure heart and desires in this life will manage to come forth. When we stay there naked, and have lost the protection from our gender, parents, friends and teachers, what is then left?

A need for cooperation to survive. Any concerns or problems or fear will not have the possibility to show up because all the old filters and programs is gone. The pure love and joy that is the only remaining option left. Light pouring out from our infinite source, searching for for other matching lights that have the same frequency. Then we will notice that all the various colors that we pour out will merge together in a sparkling rainbow, protecting and taking care of us all. The option is available, the keys are available, the doors are lubricated and balanced. It only needs a little push of intention to open them. Not by listening to other programmers, but by listening to our own clean undistorted source, the heart.


What if we simply and gently stop responding to any 1% faults that appear in our awareness, with the panic attack and need to make more restricting rules. Maybe if we just use already existing common sense and deal with any accident or law break when it happens. If we just let the one doing any harm to others, make it good again by doing some good work, that gain the community. Instead of analyzing any misbehavior to bits and pieces , and making a lots of restrictions to all of us, by adding more and more rules and regulations, that removes the last remains of initiative and creativity. All of the big and wondrous good new ideas and inventions have come from another source than our brain. The idea coming from our brain is normally filtered and manipulated by restrictive and controlled “collective” thinking, mailny about what may go wrong. And that is a nice killer for explorations. :-)


What if it is possible to share and appreciate all the good gifts and wonders our common planet have in stock for us. What may happen when we share the land we actually borrow, and are supposed to hand over to the ones coming after us. Like our child's, friends, neighbors, relatives from actually all the planet. If we may stop and observe the people of all colors around us now, and then compare with people of all colors around our lovely planet, we will discover that we are not that much different at all. The same way of being, behaving, look, interest and expressing our way of living is very much alike, just slightly clouded by the teaching and rules constructed from the minds of a few leaders. Whet-ever we want to listen to the outside minds or inside heart is a constant choice we should make in any moment. Maybe the first distorted thought does not give a clever answer our trained way of living think it should do. Most likely the second thought or impulse is arising from the real master or our lives, The heart :-)

ORAH 10:

What if we play our lives by just listening to our heart only, and take our decisions after the second relaxed thought. Give life a chance to slow down and simply observe more of the game that is going on.