my mystic journey:

a brief description of energetic releasing work done around planet earth

inge joar holsen

The map below, shows some of my points visited on my Mystical Journey, to release old stress and stuck energies, as I was guided towards them. For many years I have been traveling to many locations on this planet, to find energetic points, where it feel like the energy might needs some releasing help, to restore this planets energetic flow...

Travel to finger point on a map in Australia.
Pin Map AustraliaSearching for the Blue Crystal

When I arrived in Sydney, I went straight to the camper car rental near the airport, and started on the way north towards Brisbane.
In the beginning it was a lot of friendly drivers honking and waiving in the roundabouts, but after a couple of days, they got used to my kind of driving.
As the purpose for this entire round the World tour, was to follow pins on the map, and check out what happens when I got there, it was a lot happening in Australia also.
- Meeting the elderly Mrs. Reiley, next to some houses, and sharing form our lives, and she gave me a clear message to get my stories out there, and it slowly comes.
- Stopping next the road where it felt like a dead soul was waiting for help to get all the way home, and he got the guidance.
- And when I looked around, a small sign pointed towards Crystal Castle, and that had to be checked out.
It was an amazing place, with connections to Siddharthas fellow gods, and also they was connected to the spiritual eco community, Damanhur in Italy, where I lived for 3 months

Siddhartha-Ganesh at
              Crystal CastleSiddhartha-Buddha at
              Crystal Castle

The main happy dance on this World Tour came when I stopped at road to a farm, where I had put a marker on my map. I took out The Siddhartha and started playing at the exact point, next to the road.
And all that was showed to me then, was blue, and blue and crystal. So I do believe strongly that the energies of the blue crystal was found.
So i captured the amazing energy, and took it with me, so I could delivered it where it belongs....
Blue Crystal Location

One of the main tasks that has showed up in my life, have ended up searching for the blue crystal, that will make it possible to release Ash Tar-Tara from the cell she is “locked” in.
According to the ancient histories, uncovered by the German explorer, Hubert Zeitlmair, on his discoveries about Atlantis on Malta, the main essence of this Universe is the goddess Ash Tar-Tara, who holds our entire existences within her being.
But she is locked away on this planet, and only a man with the correct blue crystal is given the option to unlock the doors that holds her captivated.

And me as many others may believe we are the chosen one to do this task.
First find the correct blue crystal, and then find the cage where she has been the last thousands of years.
I have even asked the Iliuka energies, that is very informative about where to find this, and if exist, but he gently told me, that even if they maybe knew about it, they would not tell me, so then it was just to continue to play around according to my own way of playing this game.

The search started by a couple of tours to Malta, visiting all three Islands, looking around for a physical place and object, that maybe contain the Blue Crystal, the the journey continued down to Cape Town, and a couple of days on the Table mountain.
Some specific point was checked out, and some stones was cracked to check if the crystal was inside, but nothing physical was found. The energies in the body tow, was expanding.

South Africa
New Zealand
St. Marteen