my mystic journey

a brief description of energetic releasing work done around planet earth

inge joar holsen

The map below, shows some of my points visited on my Mystical Journey, to release old stress and stuck energies, as I was guided towards them. For many years I have been traveling to many locations on this planet, to find energetic points, where it feel like the energy might needs some releasing help, to restore this planets energetic flow...

Pin Map MalaysiaIt became over time a very strong urge to go to Malaysia, with the purpose to meet a female being. From the first idea came, and a lot of confirmations from various mediums and channeled messages, I suddenly departed towards Malaysia, without knowing exactly where to go.A few days was spent in Kuala Lumpur to see what was available to experience, beyond the tourist traps i also visited, like Twin Towers and the Batu Caves with a huge Buddha outside and ceremonial sites inside. Then my fingers guided me to an island close to the Thailand border in the North. So I booked a train ticket on first class and went towards Butterworth, and a night in George Town, before a boat trip to Langkawi.
And when I walked of the train in Butterworth, high and peaceful on the silence within, a taxi driver came towards me, and told me to get in the Taxi, and he would find a Hotel for «us». «Us» was supposed to be a lady that owned the small backpack in the seat, but was buying some water nearby. And then my mind kicked in with some memories from the years i worked on commercial ships around the world, and how sailors where cheated with payable ladies. So the smart me, smiled, laughed and walked away, while the taxi driver yelled, «you can fuck here, and you’ll regret this.»
And you can be damn sure I now regret that that I did not spare some extra minutes, to investigate who and what this lady actually was.
Again my mind and logical short-circuits blew up something that most likely would have been a very very good fulfillment of my purpose in this tife, and understanding of the urge to go to Malaysia.
Still very happy in the moment, I took the ferry to George Town and my booked hotel. And while i was walking around on the key-side in George Town, the Universe presented again the other aspects of being pure conscious stillness, that I do not like, when males want to offer their love. When I came to Langkawi I rented a small motorbike, and drove around to check out the point I had previous made on my world map. The bay of Skulls and Cave of Legends was the the ones with most energetic work.
To get to Cave of Legends, I booked a private speed boat to be able to get there off season, and inside the cave I spent quite some time in silence to transform and release the sorrows of the one stuck there for years. Bay of Skulls was also a releasing ceremony for all the battles and personal disasters that made them end up at the bay, with only their skulls. After Langkawi I was sent to Eastern Malaysia, and to get close to Kota Kinabalu. On the shared Taxi tour towards Kota Kinabalu, a beautiful Amazon kind of lady was present. And by braking my very strict regime of not making contact I managed to start a conversation with here, and we had a couple of days with nice sharing of company during the next days. I still wonder if it is the one I should actually meet in Butterworth. Anyhow good days

And as the mission was messed up, I went for another journey to Malaysia in 2018, after advises from Iliuka.

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