my mystic journey

a brief description of energetic releasing work done around planet earth

inge joar holsen

The map below, shows some of my points visited on my Mystical Journey, to release old stress and stuck energies, as I was guided towards them. For many years I have been traveling to many locations on this planet, to find energetic points, where it feel like the energy might needs some releasing help, to restore this planets energetic flow...

Travel to finger point on a map in Sri Lanka 2017-1999.
Pin Map Sri LankaEver since my first short visit to Galle back in 1999, i have had an wish to come back to Sri Lanka.
And as my consciousness grows, and with the gift to receive Siddhartha, the singing-bowl that claims he carries Siddharthas energies, a tour to Sri Lanka in 2017, manifested.
The main purpose of this tour was to visit the Buddha tree, planted in Anuradhapura 288 BC. The tree is a branch of the Sri Maha Bodhi, in India, where Siddhartha attained enlightenment.
Buddha Tree
            AnuradphuraBuddha Tree
Next day I was driven around to the various Stupas in Anuradhapura, and as it was a big group of woman sitting and praying and chanting around a big Stupa, I let out The Siddhartha, and in the back ground started to walk counter clockwise around the Stupa, as I was letting the Siddhartha share its humble sounds.
And suddenly I was surrounded by a lot of people in white, and without any words, some of them put their hands into the singing-bowl, and showered themselves with the energy from the bowl

After some days in Anuradhapura, I traveled up north by train to Jaffna, to check out some point on my map.
As one point was on a little island west of Jaffna, I hired a Tuk-Tuk tha told me I should go all the way out to see another Island further west, and so I ended up at Nainaivu island via a ferry to the Sri Nagapooshani, Hindu temple
And I was allowed inside, even if was closed, but I had to take of my T-shirt.
And the monks was very interested in The Siddhartha, and it's tones.
Hindu TempleHindu-SnakesSiddhartha Cow

I still had some spare time, until a ferry was taking me back, so I went to have a look at the other temple I could see further down a road. As i slwly walked towards it, a left over shoe was stuck deep into the asphalt. I smiled, and did now know that it was stone print of Siddharthas shoe, from his second visit to Sri Lanka.

Kripalu Tree at Nagadeepa Purana Vihara

Kripalu Tree
            SiddharthaBuddha SnakeSiddhartha Foot Print


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Tempel of the Buddha Tooth, Kandy


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