my mystic journey

a brief description of energetic releasing work done around planet earth

inge joar holsen

The map below, shows some of my points visited on my Mystical Journey, to release old stress and stuck energies, as I was guided towards them. For many years I have been traveling to many locations on this planet, to find energetic points, where it feel like the energy might needs some releasing help, to restore this planets energetic flow...

Travel to finger point on a map in Vietnam
Pin Map VietnamMessing the Angels guidance in Ho Chi Minh City.

To many times during my path to awakening, I have ended up listening to my mind.
My mind tricks me over and over again, to walk away from people I meet along my journeys.
The mind compares mostly the no no to everything.
While I was wondering around in HCMC to spend some time before my flight to Sydney, I was walking through the park next to my hotel.
On a bench, a cute little lady with a yellow dress glasses was smiling very shiny, and waiving at me. My mind kicks of course in and keeps me walking, while putting out loads of questions for a “sign” and what to do.
The most significant observation tow, was that a gentle wind was turning me around two time, forcing me to stop and look back at the sweet angel. It also forced me to stop and talk.
We chatted gently, and at the same time I searched deep within her and me to get an idea what the purpose of our meeting was. She could also notice the deep connection.
And as nothing came up straight away, I started to walk away from the situation. She asked what she could do for me, and my only slow response was, nothing...
And I regret that I could not use the last hour before my flight, more wisely.
Wish that she manages to find me again, and that the other angels might help me to stop sabotaging this lifetime, as I did in Malaysia some years ago. Eager destructive and logic minds, is of no good...

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