Healing – Energy flow

Healing – Restoring of Energy flow is a smooth option to improve the bodies self-healing capacities.
When I do Healing and energy work on our bodies, i may find blockages in the energy-flow of the body, and untie them to gain better flow again.
Both unconscious and conscious thoughts forms our lives, and when i use the various healing methods to release blockages, both physical and psychic pain may disappear.
When my hands finds the unconscious thoughts and knots, I may get the option to release and «untie» them, and the pain may be removed in seconds or the following days.
It’s not possible to give any guarantees for a solution, but normally the treatment starts a positive change in body and mind.
Sometimes one treatment is enough, and other times 2 or more treatments is needed after some days resting.It all depends how deep the issue is located, and how many layers of blockages to to be removed.


This is the Healing courses and initiations I’ve received,
Usui Shiki Ryoho IIIa (Reiki Master energies),
Oneness Awakening (Deeksha),
Energetic Stripping, together with Awareness of the power from the «source of silence».

By using a combination of these and more methods as my intuition and intension works freely, very good results may occur

When we consciously finds what is cosing the  physical or psychic pain, we may get an golden oppurtunity to change the relationship to the problem
The connection between body and mind is documented by many channels, and when we find the root couse of any problem, it is easier for mind and body to quicker regain balance again.

To maintain my own balance and flow in life, i daily use some ancient teaching, a series of clean and proof tested thought from the Awareness metods. These thoughts may be used both with open and closed eyes, to make it easier to stay and experience what happens right now.

So please contact me for any wish for remote healing, or visit me live at my office or wherever I am in the world.

E-mail: ijh@energeticrelease.com Phone +47-41 306 306. Office adresse: Jotaveien 47, 3531 Krokkleiva, Norway.