Energetic Gong
Personal Journey Within

Energetic Gong

The smoothness of a Gongbath, may give a very deep relaxing peaceful personal inward journey.
Sit or lay comfortably, close the eyes. and then simply observe what the various tones and vibrations can release of personal knots in the energetic flow.
The various frequencies from the Gongs, Singing-bowls and other tone instruments give, may release some restrictions in body and mind.

Peace Quicker Than The Next Breath

Energetic Release

Energetic Release is offering various ways to release restrictions in our energy body This can be done by Healing/Remote Healing, Awareness training to rest in the eternal moment, or by Sound and Frequencies from Singing Bowls and Gongs.
For a logical understanding of your body and mind, I'm a certified Human Design Living Your Design guide.

Stay present right now

Let life unfold in Peace

Praise your highest peace concept for your life

World Energetic Releasing Journey

Praise your highest peace-concept for your life

Energetic Release

Energetic Release

Energetic Healing

Options to relief body and mind of hidden limitations, to open up for a smoother living

Healing – Energy flow Healing
Restoring of the Energy flow is a smooth option to improve the bodies self-healing capacities. When I do Healing and energy work on our bodies, i may find blockages in the energy-flow of the body, and untie them to gain better flow again.
The healing works as good with remote healing, as "hands on" if that is preferred.

Both unconscious and conscious thoughts forms our lives, and when I use the various healing methods to release blockages, both physical and psychic pain may disappear.
When my hands finds the unconscious thoughts and knots, I may get the option to release and «untie» them, and the pain may be removed in seconds or the following days.

It’s not possible to give any guarantees for a solution, but normally the treatment starts a positive change in body and mind. Sometimes one treatment is enough, and other times 2 or more treatments is needed after some days resting. It all depends how deep the issue is located, and how many layers of blockages to to be removed.

This is the Healing courses and initiations I’ve received:
- Usui Shiki Ryoho IIIa (Reiki Master energies),
- Oneness Awakening (Deeksha)
- Energetic Stripping, together with Awareness of the power from the «source of silence».

By using a combination of these and more methods as my intuition and intention works freely, very good results may occur.
When we consciously finds a cause for the physical or psychic pain, we may get an golden opportunity to change the relationship to the problem.

Healing HandsThe connection between body and mind is documented by many channels, and when we find the root cause of any problem, it is easier for mind and body to quicker regain balance again.
To maintain my own balance and flow in life, i daily use an ancient teaching, a series of clean and proof tested thought from the Awareness methods.

These thoughts may be used both with open and closed eyes, to make it easier to stay and experience what happens right now.
So please contact me for any wish for remote healing, or visit me live at my "office", wherever I am in the world.
Price for one Remote/Local healing session: NOK 1000, EUR/USD 100
E-mail: ijh@energeticrelease.com
Phone +47-41 306 306.
Office adresse: The World, Norway.

Awareness Teaching

The awareness teaching we offer is a smooth series of thoughts that may bring us to the peace of our inner heart, and the coziness of this moment.
The Awareness methods
is some very easy, but direct meditation techniques that may bring us beyond our minds, and give a taste of the fullness of life, just by using them.They are based on Love, Gratitude, Appreciation and the Unity of that. This natural and easy series of personal thoughts, are used with both eyes open or closed, and mechanically bypasses old negative thinking patterns, and may open up for a more profound experience of the current moment. It can help getting better health, sleep, life, focus, or whatever you are doing in the present moment. Like reading, driving, working, watching, sleeping or talking. It may also give the option to access fresh new better options and thoughts about life-issues, for both private and  work related solutions. Life is mainly about making choices, and the quicker we choose, the quicker our path unfolds.
This basic course is normally done during weekends, Friday 19-22, Saturday 10-16, Sunday 10-16.
Other options are available.

Enjoy every moment, just for the fun of it ....

Praise your highest peace concept for your life

Energetic Gong

Titanium Eagle #1Energetic Gong, is about sharing the effect of a variety of sounds and frequencies from the different Gongs, Singing-bowls, drums and other sound instruments I have in my custody, any given moment. While attending a Gong-bath, the only thing needed, is to sit or lay down comfortably, and then only observe what happens in mind and body, while the sounds and vibrations from the Gongs, Singing-bowls and other instruments, make their way through you. Coming Gongbaths and other events is found under Scheduled events.
For 2023 regular price is NOK 450 for 2,5 hour session, and NOK 350 for 1 hour sessions, with minimum 8 participants.
I can also make a How to Play Gong for a day.
Energetic Release also offer personal Healing sound baths recording, that I can send via Dropbox or Google Drive. "The recording is done with a Zoom H2 high quality sound stereo recorder, or a Zoom Q2n video-sound stereo recorder
Normal price will be NOK 1000/EUR100 for a 20-25 minute long Healing and Sound recording, including any messages that come during the recording of the Healing Soundbath. Please send me an E-mail with the intention you like for the Healing and Soundbath recording. Email: ijh@energeticrelease.com

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