Awareness Teaching

The awareness teaching we offer is a smooth series of thoughts that may bring us to the peace of our inner heart, and the cosyness of

inge joar holsen
Energetic ReleaseThe Awareness methods is some very easy, but direct meditation techniques that may bring us beyond our minds, and give a taste of the fullness of life, just by using
They are based on Love, Gratitude, Appreciation and the Unity of that.

This natural and easy series of personal thoughts, are used with both eyes open or closed, and mechanically bypasses old negative thinking patterns, and may open up for a more profound experience of the current moment.
It can help getting better health, sleep, life, focus, or whatever you are doing in the present moment. Like reading, driving, working, watching, sleeping or talking.
It may also give the option to access fresh new better options and thoughts about life-issues, for both private and  work related solutions.
Life is mainly about making choices, and the quicker we choose, the quicker our path unfolds.

This basic course is normally done during weekends, Friday 19-22, Saturday 10-16, Sunday 10-16.
Other options are available.

Cost for course in NOK 4 000, EUR 400, USD 500

Enjoy every moment, just for the fun of it ....