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inge joar holsen


Nadya.. Malta Energetic Gong Healing file
Thanks Kripalu......
Your very gracious vibrations sent and ARE WORKING IN FULL ABUNDANCE.....and I'm Joying this Flow!!!!!
Bouncing all back to you a hundredfold. I really appreciate your very kind thought and great creation

O.., Norway
I have received so-called energy stripping healing from Kripalu a number of times and in my opinion it is a very effective way of removing stuck energy in your system. There is no doubt in my mind that Kripalu is a strong healer.

B.., Florida, USA
«I have been very fortunate to receive Reiki healing from Kripalu on more than one occasion, and from a distance. The benefits were immediate and measurable by me. He has a sensitive soul and yet a no-nonsense approach which means that when he heals, he really heals. I recommend his services highly. «

energetic healing

option for remote healing of blockages in body

Jane Doe
Energetic Healing HandsEnergetic

The Energetic Release healing offered, is a smooth option to find limiting thoughts in body and mind,  and untie them so the internal joy of life may flow freely again...

my mystic journey

a brief description of energetic releasing work done around planet earth

inge joar holsen

For many years I have been traveling to many locations on this planet, to find energetic points, where it feel like the energy might needs some releasing help, to restore this planets energetic flow...