Energetic Release EN

Energetic Release offers a variety of options to possibly release blockages in flow of life.

Sound-Frequency Healing, with Energetic Gong, Singing-bowls and Drum, that might help to get access to the subconscious areas of our lives.
For the next 15 Soundhealing recordings, I now offer 40% of the regular rate.
Remote Healing/Healing that has the possibility to loosen bot physical and mental restrictions in body and mind.
The Awareness Methods, is an ancient teaching, that can make it easier to be aware of the present moment, and make it easier to get some distance to the daily 100 000 thoughts.



Sound-Frequency Healing is an option that makes it easier to reach the subconscious mind and connection.
The vibration and sounds from Singing Bowls, Bifrost Energetic Gong and the Drum, normally finds it way through our mind and ego’s limitations
The offer I can give, is to record a personal 15-20 min healing play from the instruments and send the file by E-mail

Contact me by E-mail and give me a brief description about any issues, or simply a general cleasing, and I’ll make combined Sound/Remote healing..

Investment: NOK 1000 / EUR 100 / USD 125 for Sound Frequency Healing
Samples of the instruments used click here

Remote Healing/Healing is an option where I connect with you energetically, while you relax. I’ll then use the gifts from Reiki IIIa, Deeksha and quite some other healing techniques to find and open up blockages in body and mind.

By remote healing we agree on a time where you can relax undisturbed for 20-30 minutes, while I channels the healing.
A while after the healing I send you a short description of was done, and any messages if they come through.
Ved fjernhealing så blir vi enige om ett tidspunkt hvor du kan slappe av uforstyrret i ca 20-30 minutter, mens eg formidler healingen.

Healing Courses done:
Usui Reiki Ryoho grade IIIa, that contains the master initiation from Usui Reiki (That was quite an experience to receive)
Oneness Blessing, Deeksha
All this together with the Awareness of the source, and a combination of quite some other healing methods, like finger acupuncture, Chakra balancing, Meridian cleansing, most subconscious blockages may be removed, after one, or more treatments.
Investment: NOK 1000 / EUR 100 / USD 125 for Remote healing/Healing

The Awareness methods, is a kind of meditation/mindfulness, that directly may bring us behind the regular chatter of the mind, and give an option for an extended experience of life, in this precious moment.

This natural, direct and simple form of meditation/mindfulness, bypasses mechanically old thought patterns, and might open up for more balanced and deeper experience of life.

When the thoughts are used with either open or closed eyes, we will easier gain better health, better sleep, and broader focus. While being more aware in the moment while we sleep, read writes, driving we might get more correct information.

The Awareness methods are a series of simple but directly thoughts that makes coherence between right and left brain, and then automatically can bring us in contact with the real NOW, and give a distance to regular 70 – 100 000 thoughts we have every day.
After a completed basic Awareness course, we have a beautiful tool for use both with closed and open eyes, several times during the day, and a simple, ancient and natural option to stay very present while we drive, listen, is in nature, or whatever we are participating in, right now..
And if you are dedicated to personal growth, more methods are available, as an extension to the 4 basic methods, based on Appreciation, Gratitude, Love and Unity.

A basic course normally runs Saturday and Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm,

We also run One day courses with one attitude, and some other techniques for relaxation and expanded awareness.
Other options is also available for private or work.

Investment: NOK 4000 / EUR 400 / USD 500 for Awareness Methods meditation

For more in-dept personal understanding, I offer coaching by phone/chat, where we can get a more detailed description of what you are supposed to achieve in life, and may find more acceptance for any struggles.
For this I use my gut feeling(intuition), the Human Design programme, Life Purpose system and various Tarot cards.




Investment: NOK 1000 / EUR 100 / USD 125 for investigation of birth date, 
then NOK 500 / EUR 50 / USD 60
 per 45 minute phone/chat session to evaluate the results of birth evaluation.

NOK 600 / EUR 60 / USD 75 for Fjernhealing/Healing.
NOK 1000 / EUR 100 / USD 125 for ett 15-20 minutters Lyd-Frekvens opptak av Lyd-Frekvens healingen.
NOK 4000 / EUR 400 / USD 500 for Awareness Methods meditation

Payment is done via Paypal.Me or an invoice may be sent by E-mail.

Enjoy every moment, just for the fun of it ….