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Energetic Gong, with his Sound & Frequency Healing makes a way to reach into also the subconscious memories, that might keep restrictions in our way of living.
By using these frequence tools, in addition to other healing techniques I use, a releasing effect on body and mind may occur.
Some of the Singingbowls, Gongs, Drum instruments I do have now is:

Siddhartha Loen NorwaySiddharta, is a handmade singing-bowl made in a monastery in Himalaya around 1930 ish.
According to the information I got, This Singingbowl is made in first half of 1900, in a monastery in the Himalayas.
It has been used World wide, to assist in relieving energy flow in beings and nature.

Gongs, and other sounds have the possibility to bring us behind our thoughts and mind, and open in to our inner Universe.
The sounds from Gongs is more connected to our origin, and may give access to thought beyond or daily chatter from the mind.

Energetic Gongs 2020
Bifrost #1, Titanium Gong, Ø 80 cm/31", in the Norse series, handmade by Martin Bläse, Germany
Eagle #1, Titanium Gong, Ø 115 cm/45", handmade by Martin Bläse, Germany
Water Gong, Ø 65 cm/25", from Tone of Life, Poland
Triangle Alpaka Gong, Ø 102 cm/40", handmade by Broder Oetken Gongs, Germany
Healing Alpaka Gong, Ø 81 cm/32", handmade by Broder Oetken Gongs, Germany
Healing Alpaka Gong, Ø 71 cm/28", handmade by Broder Oetken Gongs, Germany
Shield of Freya Ø 58 cm/22", in the Norse series, handmade in Turkie
Aegishjaelmir, Ø 58 cm/22", in the Norse series, handmade by Martin Bläse, Germany
Meteor Gong Ø 51 cm/20", handmade by Broder Oetken Gongs, Germany
Oblong Bass Jupiter, 35x50 cm, handmade by Broder Oetken Gongs, Germany
Singing-bowl from a small monastery in Upper Mustang, the last kingdom of Nepal.
Drum made in Hungary

To receive a healing with this combination of Reiki IIIa, Deeksha, Energy stripping and Energetic Sound healing, please write to ijh@energeticrelease.com, with your wishes and intention for a Vibrational healing.
I then connect energetically, and make a personal healing that is recorded and sent to you by E-mail.
It is also possible to receive it as a video recording, shared via Dropbox.

A video sample of the sound of the various instruments in 2017.
Energetic Gong and Sound Instruments

A early morning tribute by the Fire gong. Fire Gong by Tone of Life

Playing for my Grandparents valley Titanium Eagle #1, by Martin Blase

Fresh morning tribute for the mountains Titanium Bifrost #1, and Water Gong

Feedbacks after a Gongbath by Inge Joar:

Takk for i går kjære alle sammen 🫶🥰
Det ble en magisk og sterk samling! For min del dypt forløsende 🙏
Ta vare nå i etter-bølgene. Kjenn inn hva du trenger og har behov for… gi plass… Bevegelsen fortsetter 🌊 Kanskje blir du vist noe nytt og viktig nå de kommende dagene ✨
Det blir mer av dette ved senere anledning her i Kr.sand. Til da. Ta vare ❤️

C’était fabuleux, grandiose. 🙏Inge pour ta bienveillance, ta puissance 🌪️de soins et ton humour.
🙏à vous 2 de nous faire voyager en toute quiétude et nous donner ces soins qui font taire le mental en qqs secondes!!!
Inoubliable pour mon corps mon âme et mon esprit 🌟
This was fabulous, brilliant. 🙏 Angel for your kindness, your power 🌪️ of care and your humor.
🙏 to you 2 to make us travel in peace and give us that care that silences the mind in a few seconds!!!
Unforgettable for my body, soul and spirit 🌟

For sound healing. online via Zoom or Streaming, contact me at ijh@energeticrelease.com