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Human Design

The Human Design, received by Ra Uru Hu, is a very precise chart of our conscious and subconscious beings for this life.
I have done 2 LYD courses, and have the Human Design Professional software program, that clearly indicate how we actually are designed, and may give good clues about, what can bring us up, or down.
Human Design may give a detailed description of how we are logically programmed at birth, and can give very good advises about how we bast can live our lives, for our own best.
HD RAve MandalaMy personal experience, when learning more about this program, is that it makes it easier to accept my personal way of being and living. It also gives me more insight about how to better navigate in my own life, and in the collaboration with others I meet on my way.
My design Aura is Emotional Manifestor, with a 2/4 profile. Manifestors are designed to inform and being informed about ideas and insights, to get them moving
Projectors are designed to be invited to make action, and guide Manifestors and Generators.
Generators are designed to respond to whatever, and however, action comes to them.
Reflectors are designed, to be our and the Worlds mirrors, and should wait at least a moon cycle, before making bigger decisions for their life.
I have the Human Design Professional edition, for more detailed insights in your personal design, and a variety of additional information, so you can easier accept your personal twists and tweeks.
If you contact me with your most accurate birth-data, and I can make a more detailed chart, and we can run a basic online reading via Zoom.
For more information about Human Design, please visit Jovian Archive, with the original explanations about the program that Ra Uru Hu received, and shared to our World. It is also free basic charts available there.

Please contact me if intersted in a basic understanding of your design ijh@energeticrelease.com
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