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Human Design, Living Your Design Guide

              Certified ProfessionalThe Human Design system, with its Bodygraph, is a blueprint of how we were imprinted when we started this life.
The Human Design Bodygraph contains a subconscious and a conscious part, and those two together forms a kind of forced marriage within our self.
You unique composition for this life, determines what kind of Aura you carry, and also gives good guidance about how to best operate in your own life.
The information was received by Ra Uru Hu in 1987. It is a very precise chart of our conscious and subconscious mechanic beings for this life.
I started studying Human Design by my self, in 2011. But I soon discovered that to fully understand how to read my and others personal Human Design Bodygraphs, I needed to understand better what the chart actually contains of information. And it is a lot of insights there.
I am certified by the International Human Design School, IHDS, as a Living Your Design Guide.  I've done Rave ABC, Rave Cartography, and Living your Design Guide training, with the IHDS teacher trainer, Alokananda Diaz. In addition have i done the Light and Shadows of the 36 Channels course.
Human Design gives us a detailed description of how we are logically programmed at birth, and can give very good advises about how we best can live our lives, for our own best.
My personal experience, when learning more about this program, is that it makes it easier to accept my personal way of being and living, and specially those parts I was not happy with. It also gives me more insight about how to better navigate in my own life, and in the collaboration with others I meet on my way.

My designed Aura is as a Emotional Manifestor, with a 2/4 profile, with Single Definition, Individual Awareness and Collective identity.

Human Design defines 4 types of Aura

Manifestor Aura Manifestors has a repelling Aura, and are designed to inform before they act, and being informed about ideas and insights, to get them moving.

Manifestor AuraProjectors
has a penetrating Aura, and are designed to wait to be invited to make action, and then guide Manifestors and Generators.

Generator AuraGenerators/Manifesting Generators has a Enveloping Aura, and are designed to wait to respond to whatever, and however, things comes to them.

Reflector AuraReflectors
open Aura, and are designed, to be our and the Worlds mirrors, and should wait at least a moon cycle, before making bigger decisions for their life, as they are influences by the Moon cycle, and those in their Environment.

For all 4 Aura types, it is also essential to use their personal inner Authority, whetever it is the Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Self or outer Authority like Moon or Environment
I use the Human Design Professional edition software's for more detailed insights in your personal design, and a variety of additional information, so you can easier accept your personal twists and tweaks.
If you contact me with your most accurate birth-data, and I can make a more detailed chart, and we can run a online reading via Zoom.
For more information about Human Design, please visit Jovian Archive, with the original explanations about the program that Ra Uru Hu received, and shared to our World. It is also free BodyGraph available there.

Please contact me for a reading of you Human Design. ijh@energeticrelease.com
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Self study book avaliable at IHSD.